Guided tours and workshops


Logge dei Tiratori della Lana

1 marzo – 7 aprile 2024

In each of its stops, a fundamental part of Progetto Genesi is the educational activity, which in Gubbio is distributed in a program of free guided tours and workshops, in presence at the Logge dei Tiratori della Lana, every Saturday for the entire duration of the exhibition, at 11 a.m. (a guided tour) and 3 p.m. (a workshop), respectively, conceived for different target audiences. Reservations are required and can be made through the Genesis Association website and the Progetto Genesi app, which can be downloaded for free from smartphones. Schools, on the other hand, can also book guided tours and workshops on other days of the week by writing to:


Gariwo Foundation, the forest of the Righteous participates in the educational mission of Progetto Genesi by involving local schools to participate in guided tours and workshops, while FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano will involve volunteers from FAI Delegations, and in particular the mediators of the FAI Ponte tra culture project conceived by the Associazione Amici del FAI aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue between people from different geographical backgrounds. The FAI Ponte tra culture mediators, from different countries, will offer an original contribution by narrating the works of the Genesis Collection through podcasts that can be listened to from the Progetto Genesi app created by Hidonix, enriching them with direct and personal testimony.



[Cover: Courtesy Fondazione Perugia]