About us

Associazione Genesi, founded in 2020 at the behest of Letizia Moratti, is committed to the defense of human rights by valorizing the different cultures and the environment. The Associazione’s mission is to contribute, through contemporary art, to the creation of a more responsible and socially active citizenry.

For this reason, Associazione Genesi created Collezione Genesi, selecting artworks by artists from around the world and from different generations, which reflect on the urgent, complex, and at times dramatic cultural, environmental, social, and political issues of today.

The Association is also a Founder-along with Università Cattolica, Mapei, WeBuild and Always Africa Association-of E4Impact Foundation, for the development of entrepreneurship in Africa, in which Intesa Sanpaolo, ENI, Montello, Carvico, CONFAPI, Coldiretti, Filiera Italia and, as individual participants, Diana Bracco and Michele Carpinelli also participate.



Letizia Moratti | President

Gabriele Moratti | Vicepresident

Angelo Moratti | Counsilor

Francesca Moratti | Counsilor

Gilda Moratti | Counsilor

Ilaria Bernardi | Curator of exhibition activities

E4Impact offers training programs in impact entrepreneurship in 20 African countries, in pursuit of a threefold goal: to train new entrepreneurs with a strong social impact; to collaborate with African universities to offer entrepreneurial training aimed at action; and to favor the encounter between Italian and African companies oriented toward sustainability. 

Starting on September 2021 the Association has started Progetto Genesi. Art and Human Rights, curated by Ilaria Bernardi: an interdisciplinary, traveling and inclusive project, aimed at offering a permanent education as concerns the topic of human rights.