The Collezione Genesi, which Associazione Genesi has given life to, consists of contemporary artworks by artists from around the world that reflect on the urgent, complex, and often dramatic cultural, environmental, social, and political issues of our day and age.

Under the curatorship of Clarice Pecori Giraldi, the works in the Collezione Genesi were chosen based on their ability to convey this message through the various media (painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation…), as well as through the gaze not just of different cultures but of different generations. 

Indeed, the Collezione includes both historicized and mainstream artists who have shown their works in the major museums and international events, and young artists who are still relatively unknown in Europe. The artists come from many countries around the world, with a specific focus on non-Western countries and above all those with the greatest issues, either today or in their past history, related to human rights. 

Starting on February 21, 2023, the new 15 works become part of the Collezione Genesi will be published on this page.