patricia kaersenhout
(Den Helder, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1966)

Food for thought, 2021

197 × 195 cm
[Photo: © Aatjan Renders. Courtesy patricia kaersenhout]

Born in the Netherlands, although her parents are from Suriname (in South America), patricia kaersenhout chose as the common thread in her work the African diaspora and its relationship with feminism, inspiring her to underscore the importance of women in society.

Indeed, Food for thought recalls the importance of the woman as the first supplier of food, and therefore as an instrument for the physical growth of humanity but also for the development of thinking.

patricia kaersenhout lives and works in Amsterdam. Since 2009 her work has been presented at the Biennials of Venice, Beijing, Australia and Dakar. In 2011–2012 she had a solo show in C&H ArtSpace in Amsterdam. Followed up by two shows in New York. Together with artist Jeannette Ehlers she was commissioned for the opening film of the Black Magic Woman Festival 2012. Cinema Zuid commissioned her to develop a short film about the political meaning of skin color, which had its premiere in EYE, Amsterdam. In 2013 the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam commissioned her to give an artistic installation to the show Black & White. Together with the scholar Temi Odemosu, in 2014 in Copenhagen she initiated a show about the Black female body with the participation of twelve female artists of color.