Curated by Ilaria Bernardi

The Museo Archeologico Regionale “Pietro Griffo” and Biblioteca Lucchesiana, host the fourth stop on the traveling exhibition Progetto Genesi. Art and Human Rights, curated by Ilaria Bernardi and promoted by Associazione Genesi: a cross-disciplinary and inclusive project lasting an entire year (09/21/2021-09/21/2022) that combines exhibition and educational activities for the purpose of offering a permanent education on the topic of human rights.

The exhibition presents for the first time ever to the public the contemporary artworks in the Collezione Genesi, which reflect on the urgent, complex, and often dramatic cultural, environmental, social, and political issues of our day and age.

In Matera the exhibition opens on June 5, 2022, World Environment Day.

At the Museo Archeologico Regionale “Pietro Griffo” the exhibition unfolds on the spaces that overlook the Sala Zeus, as well as in the Sala Zeus itself. These spaces host the six main theme-based sections, identified in the Collezione Genesi, through which the works convey this message linked to the defense of human rights: The Color of a Person’s SkinThe Female ConditionThe Memory of a PeopleThe Safeguarding of the Environment, Victims of Power, Multicultural Identity.

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In parallel, a work in the Collection, included in Multicultural Identity section, is shown at the Biblioteca Lucchesiana in order to induce the visitor to discover another important artistic, architectural and cultural property in this territory.

The exhibition of the Collezione Genesi has planned for the video installation by Morteza Ahmadvand, Becoming (2019). It is consists of three videos, each of which shows one of the three symbols of the principal Abrahamic faiths: the Christian Cross, the Star of David, and the Cube representing the Islamic Kaaba. The three symbols slowly revolve until they are transformed into the same shape, a sphere, that is identical to the one placed on the ground. The sphere refers to the planet Earth that should welcome all living beings, without distinction in terms of sex, race, language, or religion. Becoming thus aims to encourage the coexistence between cultures.

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In addition to the exhibition, also an essential part of Progetto Genesi are the educational activities distributed in an intense program of meetings, guided tours and workshops, both on-site and online, liked to the exhibition, and by a cycle of twelve online conversations in collaboration with the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. These activities will continue for the entire duration of Progetto Genesi that is until September 2022. 

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 [Cover: Ph. Carmelo C.]