Progetto Genesi 2021-2022 Art and Human Rights

The Exhibition

Curated by Ilaria Bernardi

Progetto Genesi. Art and Human Rights is a composite and interdisciplinary initiative based on the synchronization between the time of the exhibition and the educational segment, and will last one year, from September 21, 2021 to September 21, 2022.

The exhibition segment consists of a traveling exhibition, curated by Ilaria Bernardi, of the artworks in the Collezione Genesi that will travel across Italy from North to South, hosted by four different cities: Varese, Assisi, Matera and Agrigento. The cities chosen are all important from an art-historical and environmental standpoint, and they are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as the property of FAI.

The first stop takes place in Varese where the Collezione Genesi will be exhibited at Villa e Collezione Panza, property of FAI, from September 21 to December 8, 2021

The exhibition will then travel to Assisi, Matera and Agrigento where the Collezione Genesi will be on display in an art museum that is steeped in a strong sense of identity for the city, thus valorizing the local cultural heritage and at the same time promoting new short-circuits between the works in the collection, rigorously contemporary ones and coming from around the world. but especially from non-Western cultures, and those in the host museum’s permanent collections, including ancient and modern art prevalently of European origin. In parallel, one work in the collection, rather than in the chosen museum, will be presented in one of FAI’s properties in the area or FAI-related property, underscoring the close collaboration and synergy with FAI in the dissemination of this initiative. 

In Assisi the exhibition will be hosted by the Museo Diocesano e Cripta di San Rufino and at the Chiesa di Santa Croce in the Bosco di San Francesco from December 18, 2021 to February 27, 2022; in Matera at the Museo Nazionale di Matera – Palazzo Lanfranchi and at Casa Noha from March 8 to May 27, 2022; in Agrigento at the Museo Archeologico Regionale “Pietro Griffo” and at the Biblioteca Lucchesiana from June 5 to September 4, 2022. 

The exhibition segment of Progetto Genesi traces a highly symbolic temporal pathway: in each city the exhibition will open its doors on the occasion of an important International or World Day established by the UN to promote topics linked to human rights: in Varese on September 21 International Day of Peace; in Assisi on December 18 International Migrants Day; in Matera on March 8 International Women’s Day; in Agrigento on June 5 World Environment Day.

The exhibition identifies within the Collezione Genesi six main theme-based sections through which the works express a message linked to the defense of human rights:

– The Memory of a People– Multicultural Identity– Victims of Power– The Color of a Person’s Skin– The Female Condition– The Safeguarding of the Environment

The works are displayed without captions or wall-texts in order to allow visitors to have a first direct, unfiltered approach to each one, for the purpose of triggering a free interpretation based solely on how they feel about it. The captions and additional information regarding the works and each of the sections can be found in the brochure-guide available as you enter the museum, and in an innovative app by Hidonix that can be downloaded on mobile phone via QR Code. The app provides a comprehensive experience of the exhibition and gives visitors regular updates on the various educational and exhibition activities taking place for the entire duration of Progetto Genesi. Click here to download the App.

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[Cover: Mequitta Ahuja, Autocartography III, 2012. Copyright and Courtesy Mequitta Ahuja]